Can Britney Spears recover from her latest troubles?

A Los Angeles court decided today to give Britney Spears' father temporary control over her affairs, while she remains hospitalized under psychiatric care. The court also placed a restraining order on the troubled singer's manager, Sam Lutfi.

Spears, 26, a former child star with Disney and then a successful popular singer, has been going through tough times ever since her divorce from Kevin Federline in 2006. She has exhibited erratic behaviour and was hospitalized last month for a mental evaluation after she went into hysterics over her child custody arrangements. Last Thursday, she was taken to hospital in an ambulance in what authorities called a "carefully orchestrated intervention." She was placed on a three-day psychiatric hold.

According to media reports, the restraining order against Lutfi, who has been seen with her throughout her recent spell of strange behaviour, is in effect for 22 days.

While people have joked about Spears' antics, I just feel sorry for her. I hope she can recover from these difficult days. If she's ill, I hope someone will help her find a way out of this tunnel.

I'd like this story to have a happy ending.
I started this drawing on the train this snowy evening, then finished the shading at home.

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