February at the shopping mall

The scene from one of the local malls, near closing time. Not much activity. A man behind me is stacking chairs in the food court; people are leaving; a last look at the back pages of the day's newspaper.

While the retail employees are happy to be going home, to me the mall always seems a melancholy place when closing time arrives.

It’s also quirky time of year, with Valentine’s Day replacing Christmas as the dominant theme. The shops offer the usual assortment of Valentine’s gifts, many of which are just too kitschy for me.

As we open for business today, let's forget about the plastic symbols and just take the opportunity to wish each other a wonderful and happy Valentine’s Day. Even without a partner, we can all find something to be grateful for.

Very best wishes to all.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! It is an interesting sketch - even has Mickey Mouse in the background. Best wishes to you too.