A Vancouver attraction

One of the interesting buildings in downtown Vancouver is the Art Gallery. Located at 750 Hornby Street, the gallery resides in the former provincial courthouse building. The square is located near a shopping mall and hotels, so the steps are often a meeting place for people of all ages.

A commissioned work sits on the rooftop of the gallery. It's called Four Boats Stranded: Red and Yellow, Black and White. The Vancouver artist Ken Lum produced replicas of four vessels that played a part in the city's history. Seen on the front of the building are Captain George Vancouver's sailing ship (top left) and an Aboriginal longboat (right).

Currently, the gallery is featuring an exhibit called TruthBeauty. A huge banner covers the front columns. The exhibit focuses on the artistic photographs of the "Pictoralist" movement of the early years of photography. For more information, here's the link. The show runs until the end of April.

The museum is also hosting a presentation of the most renowned Canadian painters of the 1920s and 1930s. Emily Carr and the Group of Seven will be on display until April 6th.

Later in the spring, something completely different is coming to the Vancouver Art Gallery. The exhibit is called Krazy! The Delirious World Of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art.

It sounds like a lot of fun and is sure to attract younger visitors. It begins May 17th. If you're interested, more information can be found here.

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