Sketches from a commute (and an update on the round-the-world race)

Scenes from the commute to and from work...

I found it a little difficult to sketch on the subway and streetcar, but it was a good experience.

While public transit is a good thing, every system can be improved. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to get from point A to point B when you're travelling off rush hour.

I passed the time thinking about those solo sailors in the Atlantic and imagined the salty wind on my face...

Vendée Globe Update

The Spirit of Canada team is working on the repairs to the boat. During a thorough review, they also discovered problems with the mast.

Here's what the crew communicated from Les Sables D'Olonne, while working hard to get Derek Hatfield back in the race:

"Derek had returned with a list of things that either had been damaged or lost in the storm on Sunday and Monday. But once we boarded the boat outside the harbor last night [Tuesday]; the list got bigger; the mainsail would not come down. After a bit of persuasion the mainsail started to come down the mast track….then the sound of ball-bearings hitting the deck, the head-car had left the mast track. Once in port, a team member went up to discover that the track had been pulled out of the mast creating damage to the carbon. The weather system that struck the fleet has caused a lot of damage to the other boats so we are taking all precautions to make sure that we have a good going over the boat while Derek is in port. The mast has been taken from the boat and an ultrasound will be done tonight [Wednesday] to determine the extent of the damage. The mast technicians are working through the night tonight preparing to laminate carbon. Best estimates now are that Derek will be ready to leave port on the afternoon tide on Friday."

At the time of this writing Gitana Eighty is in the lead, approaching Madeira.

The round-the-world race is being followed closely in England and France, while in North America it hasn't caught on yet. The New York Times published an interesting article on Tuesday. Check it out: "In France, the Vendée Globe Race Gains Popularity"

Thanks to Jonny Malbon's team for mentioning Zanepost in their blog on Tuesday (11th). Malbon's got a great site. You can read his comments from the race and watch a variety of videos:

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