Dark morning downtown

It was a dark morning today, with snow and sleet falling on downtown Toronto. This is a view looking north from the corner of York and Front Streets towards Queen St. at the top.

The street corner is anchored by the Fairmont Royal York Hotel (on the right with the bus at the curb). The Strathcona Hotel is opposite.

The building with the triangular roof at the end of the road is Osgoode Hall. It houses the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Law Society of Upper Canada.

(For those of you who are not in Canada, let me explain what is meant by "Upper Canada" It's a historical term. In the 18th and 19th centuries, ships and canoes represented the fastest mode of transportation. The term relates to the geographical location of a region with respect to the water flow from the Great Lakes down the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic. Toronto is in Upper Canada, while Quebec City is lower down the water system, even though on the map Quebec is further north.)

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