The treasure chest that opens when we sleep

The more researchers study the human brain, the more impressed they are with the findings.

When we sleep, it appears that our brain, freed from the demands of bodily motion and conscious thought, switches into a new form of activity that is surprising scientists with its unique powers.

We've heard this before, but now the results of a rich body of studies is pointing to some important conclusions about learning and memory.

In an insightful article in the New York Times, Benedict Carey writes this about our slepping brain: "Once seen as a blank screen, a metaphor for death, it has emerged as an active, purposeful machine, a secretive intelligence that comes out at night to play — and to work — during periods of dreaming and during the netherworld chasms known as deep sleep."

It's great reading because it highlights our body's potential.

The New York Times website lists the article as one of it's most e-mailed this week.

You can read it here.

Photo courtesy stock.xchng.

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