One really upset weather watcher

For those of us living in the Great Lakes region, the winter of 2007-2008 is one to remember, as we've been saying. While some people enjoy the snow, others just can't tolerate it anymore.

Scott Feschuk, who writes for Maclean's, Canada's weekly newsmagazine, has expressed his views rather bluntly in his latest column. Scott lives in Ottawa, a city that has received more than it's fair share of snow and ice this season. To say he and his neighbours are looking forward to spring is an understatement. To give you sense of his feelings, his column begins like this:

An Open Letter to Mother Nature

I always pictured you as a nice lady, but after this much snow you're one mean slut.

Dear Bitch....

Well, you get the gist of where he's going. You can read his rant here.

Thanks to D. David Zane for his photograph of the Toronto waterfront.

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