Hugo Pratt's graphic novels are still cool

I'm a big fan of Italian graphic novelist Hugo Pratt. The creator of the complex and popular Corto Maltese character died in 1995, but his work lives on.

In tribute to Pratt, I shamelessly practiced by free-hand copying these figures with a felt pen after re-reading his "Scorpions of the Desert" story, which is set in Italian-occupied Africa before and during the Second World War.

Pratt spent a lot of time travelling the world and was quite attentive to historic and geographic details.

Above is an Italian officer, in one of the many uniforms of the Fascist forces.

Here's a youthful recruit....

and a dangerous lady...

I had a lot of fun doing these.


1. A short biography of Hugo Pratt can be found here, and also in a Wikipedia entry here.
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