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Not so long ago, travelers embarking on long voyages used to rely on letters, postcards and long distance phone calls to connect with relatives and friends at home.
Now, as the popularity of the Internet grows, people have much more interesting ways to stay in touch over great distances.

Growing in popularity are free online blogging sites that allow you to keep a journal and post your latest adventures on the web. Travel blogs are not only a great way to keep engaging, personalized notes of your travels, but also a convenient and free way for friends to stay in touch.

Former ABC anchor Peter Jennings, a real globe trotter, used to say that he did his best writing when he was on assignment overseas. He would talk to local people, observe intensely and then capture his thoughts in a notebook, often sitting on the sidewalk. It’s this same freshness and authenticity that comes through in many travel blogs.

What's especially appealing about these sites is that travelers can upload their latest photographs and videos, pick up advice from other people on the road and read comments posted by those who are following from home.

A number of these web pages also provide great ideas on how to blog from portable devices, how to recharge batteries in remote areas, or whether one should favour either a laptop or a PDA when traveling in Asia.

My personal favorite is . The layout is clean and clear, the stories engaging. Photography plays an important role on this site.

Another favorite is You’ll find lots of great stories here, good advice and forums where travelers exchange views and useful information.

You might want to also try and

There really is a wealth of information, experiences and great storytelling out there.

Nomadic life never looked so good.

If you’d like to suggest other sites for travelogues or web logs, don’t be shy, post a comment. :)

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