Talk about crazy driving

Have you ever driven in reverse gear for a block or so? It’s awkward with a single gear. It’s also hard on the neck.

Now imagine doing that for a lot longer than a block. A whole lot longer.

It was in fact on this day, back in 1930, that two intrepid (some might say crazy) motorists, Charles Creighton and James Hargis, completed an astounding feat.
Traveling in a 1929 Ford Model A, the two New Jersey men returned to New York after having completed a round trip to Los Angeles driving the whole way in reverse gear!

That’s a total of 7, 180 miles (11,488 kilometers) in reverse. It took them 42 days.

Now think about the roads of the day. In 1930 many weren’t paved. And the Model A was a primitive car by our standards.

As soon as they parked their car, they must've looked around desperately for a chiropractor.
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