Armchair travel

I was riding on the Toronto subway the other day and saw a poster for adventure travel. This is a quick sketch I made between stops. Living in a snowy country, it's nice to image these exotic locations and traditional ways of travelling.

The scene reminds me of so many comic strips and graphic novels I used to read as a child. Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese and the Tintin stories by Herge' come to mind.


  1. though it makes me think of Rajasthan in India, I haven't been to the place even though i live in the same country. so you are not the only one. many are suffering from the case of so near yet so far- its as near as the comic book pages yet it's miles away :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Olive Oyl.

    Some day I hope to visit India and experience the many cultures in your country. So many creative people. So many people, plain and simple! I would like to sketch some of the buildings and the streets.

    Happy new year. May 2009 bring us all more peace and harmony.