Elves in Iceland stir comments

An item on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) radio program The Current (still living online) continues to generate some comment in the blog world because it's a somewhat serious current affairs story about -- um-- elves. That's right, elves.  

Picking up a reference in a recent Vanity Fair story about the economic crisis in Iceland,  the CBC explores the belief held by a sizeable percentage of the population that elves and "hidden people" are plentiful in that country. The host of the program also speaks to an Icelandic Elf School about all things elfin.   

Large companies like Alcoa and Ikea are said to have consulted local experts in psychic phenomena before building factories and paved parking areas in order not to disturb these "other" folk living among the human population of Iceland. No company, it seems, wants to be the target of vengeful elves.

The CBC program is quite interesting, because it takes a newsy approach to the story.

Judge for yourself.  

Read the introduction in Part 2 called Elf Assessments and click on the link labeled "Listen to Part Two" on The Current's web page here.
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