Rapping on the plane

The world of commercial airline travel is one of fierce competition. 

Let's face it, the glamour days of civil aviation seem to be behind us.  When you fly in economy class these days, you really do feel like a sardine in a can sometimes.

In North America, reduced-rate airlines like Southwest in the U.S. and WestJet in Canada recognize that travelers have many reasons to grumble.  So, they try to at least lighten the in-cabin mood, and make the experience as humane as possible.  

On WestJet, flight attendants crack jokes with passengers in an attempt to get the idea across that, hey, we're all in this together and we feel your pain.  

On Southwest, David Holmes is making his mark in a different way.  Known as the rapping flight attendant, he invites audience participation in the on-board announcements.

Take a look at him in action.  National Geographic, in its Intelligent Travel web site, points to the YouTube video and follows up with an interview.

What would reserved passengers like the Japanese or the Canadians think of this?

Photo credit: Daniel Kwok.  
Thanks for making it available on the stock.xchng photo sharing site.

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