Hotel in space?

Interesting story today about space tourism.

A company in Barcelona is proposing to build a hotel in space that they hope to open in 2012. Guests at the "Galactic Suite" would go around the world in 80 minutes and over the course of a three-day stay would see the sun rise many times.

Bathroom details in a weightless environment pose a serious challenge. And the cost for a weekend getaway will truly be out of this world: guests will need to have at least four million dollars available.

More details here.


  1. Interesting!
    Living in such a hotel for over
    185-days a year (like in Monte Carlo) would mean that one does
    no have to pay any taxes!
    So for some very rich people who live for example in "Roccabela" a very good alternative. Especially for those who want live in MC,
    but cannot get anymore a anchorage
    for a 100-Meter YACHT!

  2. Good point, anonymous.
    I didn't think about the taxes. I suppose we're not far from the days when people will own "space yachts," or something like that.
    Once someone invents a way to create a gravity field for people the living area, then anchorage in orbit might become quite an attractive thing...for those with money, of course.

  3. Roccabela and space yachts....hmmm
    Only someone with an overactive imagination and too many hours spent in front of computers would make that kind of link.