A senior shows us how to think positively

They say having the right attitude is everything.

My grandmother is a case in point. At the age of 102 she's still going strong and living in a little town in Italy called Colmurano.

She still walks to the town's coffee shop/bar for a drink and a little socializing. Her health is quite good, although her short-term memory occasionally slips. She still goes to the hairdresser. The mayor frequently asks her to attend ribbon-cuttings and special events.

She loves nature and being around children and has a great faith in a higher power watching over us. During the Second World War, she was a single mom with eight children to take care of. But throughout her life, she's looked at the bright side of things. She never sees the glass as half-empty; for her, it's always half-full.

Her positive attitude is reflected in her wit. She recently made an appointment to see her doctor because she "wanted to see how he was doing." (!)

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