Weather maps

Like the girl pictured here, one of the things I've always enjoyed has been studying maps. I'm not particular, really; I'll look at any kind of map with some interest.

In this blog yesterday, we talked about the lower water levels in the Great Lakes. The subject of possibly changing weather patterns reminds me of forecasting and how much maps have improved in the digital age.

Thanks to the Internet, weather maps of all types are now available in all shapes and colours and levels of interactivity. I was an early fan of the easy-to-read, colourful weather page in USA Today, right from the day it was distributed. But now, it's easy to lose oneself in the minute details at sites like, The Weather Channel or the Weather Network here in Canada.

Particularly attractive, to me, are the maps that explain how approaching weather systems will shape the short-range weather forecasts.

If only someone could invent a nice colour map for keeping track of daily to-do schedules. I'd consult my agenda more often.

Photo credit: José A. Warletta, through


  1. ...and to further your point, there is Google Earth for amazing detail, and of course EarthBrowser with which you can see global cloud conditions on a 5-day loop. Soon enough you get to recognize how the whole planet's weather is connected and how this affects your location.

  2. Thanks for mentioning those two awesome map services, tvjay.
    I don't know why I didn't mention those, because I see them regularly
    (Earthbrowser in particular).
    I guess I was just focused on daily weather forecasts when I wrote the post.

    Google Earth keeps getting better and better, while Earthbrowser is one truly spectacular product.

    I appreciate your comments !