A Canadian November

It's been a whirlwind of a week so far, travelling to Canada's west with colleagues and in the process getting another reminder of the vastness of this country and its rigid weather.

Monday we flew the more than four-hour distance to Calgary for a business project. We were greeted by a typical Canadian Arctic cold air mass, moving in from the north. It was about -16 degrees Celsius with strong winds and light snow, the winds making it feel much colder.

Usually it takes a body (mine) several days to adapt to such temperatures in the canyons of a robust western city, (one would want climbing gear, inflatable jacket, goggles, etc.) but we got the idea very quickly that it would be wise to put on hats and gloves. Fortunately our meetings the rest of the day were indoors, with cups of coffee in hand. Base camp Alpha.

That night we flew north to Edmonton, where the temperature was even colder and more snow was falling -- a balmy autumn evening.

Our hotel presented a beautiful view of the North Saskatchewan River. The snow blowing by the window panes and alighting onto the illuminated terrace making the warmth of the bar truly welcoming. Base camp Beta.

In the morning, the wind had tapered off and the cold was more bearable as we walked to our appointment on Jasper Avenue.

We flew back last night, arriving in Toronto after 11 PM to the milder cold of this city.

An interesting couple of days in Canada's vast expanse.

Tomorrow, I leave for warmer climes.

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