The world on the point of a pencil

Visual artists have the ability to transform what the eye sees into images that can be preserved for posterity.

In the process of recording what the eye sees, artists usually transform the object of their attention into something that is unique and personal.

A lot of variables come into play in this process: the materials used, the medium on which the image is recorded, and the personal stylistic preferences of the artist, to name a few.

Gabi Campanario, who works for the Seattle Times newspaper, is a graphic artist and illustrator who goes one step further. He's also a blogger -- a "sketchblogger," to be precise. At his site here, Campanario shares his passion with the world. And I'm very grateful he does.

He has more pages organized in albums at

Campanario is originally from Barcelona, Spain. He has a journalism degree, and it seems he cannot stop drawing. I can't imagine when he finds time for work. He fills his blog with illustrations that show scenes from his daily life in the Pacific Northwest. He rides the bus and he draws what he sees. He looks out his office window and he draws the view. He draws when he goes on weekend excursions. He draws his friends. He gets an e-mail from his library reminding him to return some books, and he draws.

Each illustration is a representation of what he sees in his world. They're portrayals of his living environment; but because they're illustrations, they are also intensely personal and unique.

Thanks, Gabi.

I wish I could draw.


Gabi Campanario is not alone…

If you enjoy seeing the world through sketches, there are many, many others…

He has sketchblogs listed on his site.

Here are a few more:

Jana Bouc ( is from California

Mattias Adolfsson ( blogs from Sweden.

And then there's Sarah, from Texas:


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