Christmas cards

How I envy those of you who have found the time to write and send hand-written Christmas cards.

I've received a number of them (thank you, all) and it's interesting how much more meaningful they are to me than e-mails or those web-based greetings.

I should have planned my time better so that I, too, would have sent cards out. But this year I've let other priorities rule and consequently am woefully negligent in the greeting card department this year.

I've received cards from close family members, from co-workers and especially from relatives in Italy with whom I haven't spoken in years.

I'm happy to receive the warm messages of goodwill from across the ocean. Even though my negligence likens me to Mr. Scrooge, I can atone for my sin by writing back. I can and I will.

If you think about it, you can see how the thought behind these cards is very much part of the real spirit of Christmas.

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