December sunshine in the Caribbean

As winter moves in to establish itself in most of North America, other areas breathe a sigh of relief: Florida, the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean welcome the official end of the 2007 hurricane season.

Only one major storm threatened the southern United States this year and it's cause for celebration.

I'm fortunate to be enjoying the beach life for a few days in Nassau's Cable Beach and everyone's pleased the "stable months" are here.

For the last week or so, the Bahama Islands have enjoyed a stretch of beautiful weather, with warm temperatures (28-30 degrees Celsius) and gentle breezes.

Nassau seems to be hopping with activity. Construction workers are finishing homes, the big hotels on Cable Beach all seem to have projects going, with painting and general touch-ups underway, gardeners trimming hedges and planting flowers and so on. Everywhere music provides an upbeat background soundtrack for life. People are taking things as they come, going with the flow.

The hotels are comfortably busy. Cable Beach is as beautiful as ever. The water is bathtub warm close to shore. The horizon presents itself as a mixture of emerald or jade green and blue further out. The main road into town has public benches set in three shade with views of the bay and the reefs. I wish I could paint, because there's one spot in particular that deserves capturing. No matter; it's safely etched in my memory.


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