Adventures by Disney offers an interesting approach to travel

It's not that the Walt Disney Company needs more publicity, but I ran across some nice reviews about their relatively-new holiday service. If you haven't heard about it, it's called Adventures by Disney.

The company's touring branch offers 17 world destinations. The staff prepares unique, hands-on travel experiences for adults and children. Because of its size, Disney has the clout to open doors that are not always accessible to regular tourists.

The company offers an engaging three-minute video description of the service here.

Some people don't like the Disney "everything-can-be-perfect-if-you-want-it-to-be" approach, but travellers seem to be responding favourably to Adventures.

National Geographic's travel blog recently posted some information and reviews that make for interesting reading, if you're an armchair traveller like me. You can learn more here.

For a related story about Disney, see how the entertainment company is reaching out to the business community and providing consulting services.

Thanks to C May for the photograph of the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando.

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