Picture of the day

Now that we've passed the winter solstice, and as the days slowly become longer in the northern hemisphere, the city mind, sometimes trapped in the frustrations of street traffic and entanglements of work schedules, gently drifts into reveries like this one.

This is Passo San Pellegrino, in the Trentino area of Italy. I hope to be one of those skiers some day.

Thanks to Elisabetta Grondona, a graphic designer, for making her photograph available on the stock.xchng.

Grazie, Elisabetta!


  1. Grazie per i ringraziamneti e complimenti per il blog!

  2. Ciao, Elisabetta.
    Fammi sapere quando metti a disposizione altre foto su www.scx.hu.
    Quelle delle Dolomiti sono stupende.
    Tanti auguri.