Airline seat troubles

If you’ve travelled in economy class on a commercial airliner, you will no doubt be familiar with the challenge of staying comfortable in the tight seats. If you’d like to laugh (or cry) about the experience, don’t miss the latest post on the New York Times’ blog devoted to flying ("Jet Lagged"). The story by Wayne Curtis is entitled “A User’s Manual to Seat 21C” and any traveler will identify with some of the observations. Here’s an excerpt:

Directly ahead of you is the TRAY TABLE, which may be lowered for“snack service.” The circular depression in the upper right corner is for your plastic cup, an item you may find oddly wide-mouthed for something conveying sticky beverages in an environment subject to sudden and dramatic up-and-down and to-and-fro motions. Also, note the cup is designed such that empty mylar pretzel pellet bags stuffed in them to facilitate trash collection will not remain there, but will repeatedly and mesmerizingly creep back out and onto the tray table.

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The blog’s contributors include a pilot, a flight attendant and several seasoned travel writers. The blog also lists as writers Clark Kent Ervin, the first Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, and essayist Pico Iyer.

Another well-known publication, National Geographic, has an interesting travel blog, called “Intelligent Travel.” It recently posted a story about the first carbon-neutral airline in the world. It's called NatureAir. Read how the Costa Rican company achieved this distinction here.
Thanks to Ana Schaeffer for her photograph of the airline seat tray. She made it available at the stock.xchng.
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