Can humanity evolve to a new level of consciousness?

Some time ago, I found a great amount of help in a book by Eckart Tolle called The Power of Now. Tolle and other spiritual leaders opened my eyes to the covert and often destructive way in which our own minds and our egos take control of our lives and determine our behaviour. These two aspects of ourselves very often smother and distract us from the true essence of our being.

Tolle stresses the importance of awareness and how we must work daily to stay focused on the present.

One could argue that many sad and painful events in our world are related, in one way or another, to egos influencing people in negative ways. I'm thinking of things like wars, murder, and abuse of all kinds. These are all related to two things. First, a lack of real consciousness. Instead of focusing on what's actually happening around us, we focus on the pseudo-life that plays itself out in the mind. Secondly, we have a tendency to allow bruised egos to determine actions.

Egos demand protection and gratification. They demand revenge, action, retaliation, "honour" and a host of other entitlements. Think of something like the Gollum character in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. (The pictures in the link give you a very good idea.)

And of whom do egos ask these things? Actually, of us, the very people who "own" them.

Tolle says humanity hasn't evolved to its true spiritual potential. He believes this has not happened yet because we have not reached a fully conscious state in which we can separate our thoughts, our egos and our underlying life energy. He argues our true selves are to be found in that underlying authentic essence.

His ideas aren't all that new; they've been around for thousands of years through the words of Abraham, Mohammad, Jesus, the Buddha and of the Hindu masters. However, Tolle presents them in a modern context and reminds us of the value of these teachings.

Now, Tolle's new book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, has caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who has made it one of her monthly picks. For the first time in Oprah's media world, an author's work will also be the basis for an on-line course that will be presented on her website, beginning in March.

Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper, offered a primer on the main messages of Tolle's latest book and the structure of the course. I found it interesting.

For a short overview of Tolle's ideas of the "egoic self," see this article.

Last October, a related post appeared here, called "The present is the only thing that's real."

Thanks to Tibor Fazakas of Romania for his photograph of the park benches in that quiet winter setting.


  1. Thanks for your enlightening introduction to a very fascinating and challenging subject.
    I am stimulated to read more on the subject and,thanks to you, I have plenty of references...
    Have a good day Renato!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes, it's a vast field and there's so much to explore. If you have time, you might wish to also check out the writings of Deepak Chopra. He focuses more on health issues. There's a shortcut to his "wellness centre" in the links list on the right.

    Best wishes,