A disturbing trend

The recent violence in North American schools is setting a sad and unprecedented trend that may be scarring young people everywhere.

Some experts suggest that today's youth are exposed to much more violence than previous generations: it's in films, in videogames, in television news coverage and scripted drama, and - unfortunately - also present in real life in some neighbourhoods. Places that were once considered safe, like schools, now can become scenes of unpredictable, random acts of terror. Normal life is turned instantly on its head.

Sandy, a friend and colleague of mine, alerted me to an interesting story on WebMD about how the rash of school shootings may actually be marking an entire generation. The story is here.

I'm sure some very intelligent people are studying these events in depth and are going to give us a better idea about why some young people choose such outrageous and tragic ways to end their lives and to take the lives of others. I don't know if we can group these individuals into one category, but again I have to wonder about what kind of pain or perceived pain they are responding to, and what role deeply-wounded, tortured egos and runaway thought-processes are playing in this insane behaviour. We need to solve this mystery.

My admittedly amateurish post on theories about the ego from last Sunday is here:

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