Vertical farms

My mother lives in a downtown apartment building. She grew up on a farm and sometimes misses the country. She loves to grow things.

On the roof of her building she found some planter boxes and planted herbs in them. She waters them. When she needs some herbs for cooking, she enters the elevator, travels to the top of the building, cuts what she needs and returns to her kitchen.

Well, it turns out that similar ideas have occurred to a professor at Columbia University in New York. He dreamed big and sparked the imagination of architects.

Together they're proposing "vertical farms," tall buildings devoted to growing food for thousands of people in the city.

Check out the slide show as well.

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  1. bell' tu sai che al Royal York Hotel oltre ad avere un bellissimo ro0of "herbs garden" hanno anche otto arnie di "Honey Bees" che producano il miele per l'Hotel?

  2. Avevo sentito parlare delle api e del miele fatto "in casa" dal Royal York Hotel. E' molto interessante. Tutti quei tetti in citta', quante possibilita'!