I'm back in in the province of Alberta for a few days and it's interesting to see how weather patterns appear to be similar to Southern Ontario this summer.

Everything looks green from the air, indicating crops and fields have good moisture. High, thick clouds gather in the afternoon and bring summer showers . I assume they're welcomed by most farmers and gardeners. Toronto has had the wettest June and July on record and continues to get an afternoon or evening drenching just about every day.

Of course we wonder if this is a new phase in the global warming trend, but we won't know for a few years until a trend is established. Last year, it was hot and dry in Southern Ontario. This year seems the opposite.

Just as the technical definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of no real growth in the economy, we can't be sure whether this year's weather is truly related to climate change.
We'll ask the meteorologists when they're finished analyzing the data.

Meantime, we can carry sunscreen with an umbrella on the side.


  1. forward thinker1 August 2008 at 13:43

    The title itself "Climate Change" appropriately describes something that is constantly in a state of transition. We have scientific data going way back that show the natural variations in our planet's recorded history.

    The main issue with people who view the current indicators with concern is in the rate of change. We are seeing change that should occur over decades or centuries, happen from one year to the next and I for one, do not believe we are ready to face the consequences of the changes we have already triggered.

    We shall see.

    And if you are interested on what some climate scientists are saying this topic, check-out: www.realclimate.org

  2. Thanks for your interesting comment and the link, Forward Thinker. I will look it up. Much appreciated.