Lead with your left and keep you wits about you: you'll need them for your next pawn move...

If you're bored and looking for something to do, why not combine some good old-fashioned competitive exercise with some challenging brain activity?

Here's a sport just for you: chess boxing.

Yes, that's right, chess boxing.

A Russian student this past weekend won the world title in this sport that combines throwing hard punches in the ring with strategic moves on a chessboard.

A match usually starts with a four-minute round of speed chess, followed by a two-minute round of boxing. The pattern is then repeated. A match can last up to eleven rounds.

How competitors stay focused through all that is beyond me.

While I've never seen such a contest, a reporter for News.com.au witnessed the championship event and tells us all about it.
Thanks to Konrad Małka for his photo entitled "My courageous neighbour."

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