For those who just can't take fashion seriously


Like most people, I enjoy watching well-dressed people. People who dress with elegance and style are always pleasing to the eye.  

However, I much prefer discovering these people on the street than going to a fashion show.  Perhaps I'm typically male in this respect, because when it comes to the "artistic" creations of the catwalk, I quickly lose interest.  I'm much more of an admirer of the practical.

In this sense, I may have something in common with Robert Basler, who writes the Reuters Oddly Enough blog ("News, but not the serious kind").  Basler enjoys writing about strange designs on the catwalks. He has a lot of fun with these odd creations, and I can't say I blame him.

Here are some samples:  

When I need new clothes, I think I'll stick with the local shopping mall.

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