Something has changed deep in America's soul

Two long years of campaigning are over.

The United States turns a page, a page that connects modern Americans to those of previous generations, to those who doubted this day would ever come. It unites modern Americans to the dream of Martin Luther King and more. It evokes the feelings of those years of change and renewal under the leadership of John and Robert Kennedy. It connects the country still further back in time, to the struggles of the Civil War; and yet further back, to the strong debates between the founding fathers who were writing the Constitution:"We the People..."; and even further still, to those fateful words of the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..." They, slave owners, argued over those words. They argued before those words were written and long after, and now America may indeed have reached a milestone.

America begins anew, and the world expresses a sigh of relief. Not about race or questions of skin colour. But relief that America has chosen to change. Relief that Obama was the choice.

Will the country find a way forward, can it repair itself and its reputation, can it regain its confidence and embrace with real vigour the significant domestic and global challenges ahead?

Will this election prove a measure of its greatness?

We can only wish it well.
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