High-resolution images of cities provide another way to see the world


If you enjoy visiting different cities, the Internet provides an infinite variety of ways to collect information and see your destination before you depart.  

If you haven't seen it already, Google Earth has partnered with 360cities.net to provide an entertaining and unique way to experience the world's great cities on your computer screen. It's an application that combines a map function with 360-degree, high resolution photographs of many locations around the world.

To give you an idea, I've gone to Torino, the city of my birth, for an example. Take a look at the Vittorio Emanuele bridge on the Po River by clicking here. Dots on the image provide information about important landmarks (the site calls them "hotspots"), and you can click on the bottom of the photos for other interesting locations nearby. You can also superimpose the image on a map, which also allows you to zoom in and out as you wish.

Who needs to fly when the world is at your fingertips?

1. The home page for 360cities is at www.360cities.net
3. The photograph above is Toronto by night, courtesy of Duilio Zane. 
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