As people sometimes say, "The sign's as big as a house. You can't miss it."

In this blog a few days ago, we were discussing the faults and merits of traffic signals and other road signs. Today the blogosphere is full of references to graphic designer Alex Peemoeller's design for indoor signage for an Australian parking lot. He's developed a three-dimensional painting scheme that is really quite original.

His approach for the Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne has won design awards...and it's easy to see why.

Peemoeller currently lives in Hamburg, Germany, and does graphic design work of many types. His website is You'll have to drag graphics out of the way to find links -- another original approach.

For another Melbourne reference, see Luna Park.

Another Australian connection: the photo of the arrows on the road. Thanks to Stephen Eastop for making his photograph,"Everywhere a Sign 3," available for public use.

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