Original bike racks

This interesting photo by Rodolfo Clix helps to contrast the challenges rural and urban cyclists have in finding places to lock their bikes.

In the country, judging from this photo, the experience can be quasi-meditative.  In the city, on the other hand, finding a place to lock up a bike isn't so easy or pleasurable.  

But in New York, things are changing for the better.  Recently the city transportation department decided to organize a competition for new bike rack designs. The department invited David Byrne, the well-known lead singer from the Talking Heads, to help judge the competition.  Byrne got so involved in the assignment that he decided to offer some original designs of his own.  They proved so popular that his designer bike racks are now in nine locations around the city.  His concepts are jovial at heart.  For example, one of them, now situated at Old Times Square, is in the shape of a buxom woman.

See it and read more in the National Geographic travel blog 

David Byrne's site has examples of all of his designs and how they were built.

Photo source:  stock.xchng

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