Reaching a goal

There is something beautiful about a goal reached. It is twice created: once in the mind, a second time in the real world.

Mark Oldershaw, a canoeist on Canada's 2008 Olympic team, will carry a wristband to Beijing with him. It comes from a fellow Olympian, Adam van Koeverdan, with whom he grew up paddling.

In 2004, Oldershaw was injured and didn't make it to the Athens Olympics. His friend did. Van Koeverdan returned from Athens with that wristband as a gift for Oldershaw. On it, he had written both of their initials and the year "2008" on it.

They turned it into a reality. Both Oldershaw and Van Koeverdan qualified and will be competing in a few days in Beijing.

Van Koeverdan also has been chosen Canada's flag-bearer for the opening ceremony.

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