Weekend Travel - Cape Cod and a little bit of Europe

Cape Cod has been a popular summer travel destination for decades. Many people take photographs of the landscape and the buildings.

One of America's most gifted artists, Edward Hopper, often travelled through Massachusetts and Maine in the 1920s and 30s. His paintings are more popular today than ever.

The New York Times recently returned to Cape Cod with some Hopper prints and compared the subjects of his paintings then and now. The newspaper put together an interesting slide show that takes a look at each painting. The slide show is here.
Click on the audio bar at the bottom of each picture frame. It's a great way to enjoy the scenery and the artwork. Think of it as a virtual vacation.

Across the ocean meanwhile, Matt Gross, the intrepid frugal traveller, has almost reached the end of his twelve-week European trip. He files a video story about a border town in the Netherlands that shares just about every building with Belgium. The locals take it all in stride. Makes me want to visit. You can see Matt's story here.

Thanks to Sean Gianotti for his photograph above of the Highland Light, also known as the Cape Cod Light. He made it available for public use with attribution.

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