Cities in blogs

Blogs offer interesting perspectives on people and places in an infinite variety of ways.  

People live and see the character of cities in unique frames of reference.  I've enjoyed, for example, reading Seattle Sketcher, a blog by Seattle Times illustrator Gabi Campanario.  As the name suggests, he sketches scenes of the Seattle area, where he lives.  He provides an original viewpoint on the city which I find very refreshing.

Here in Toronto, photographer Sam Javanrouh, originally from Tehran, does the same thing with photographs.  His blog, Daily Dose of Imagery, is a great way to experience the city.  Browsing through his photographs is a bit like watching a movie. It's a creative, awakening experience that is open to interpretation, and so becomes a dialogue between artist, subject and viewer.

Thanks to Duilio Zane for his photo of BCE Place in Toronto.
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