A plane for the tired plane spotter

If you've driven by your local airport during peak traffic times, and especially on weekends, you may have noticed all those cars stopped near the runway fences.  That's because people are engaged in the hobby commonly known as "plane spotting."

What is plane spotting?  It's the observation and logging of aircraft types, their registration numbers and unique features. Also, it can be a thrilling experience for the young and old alike.

Now, a novelty... 

For the avid plane spotter and curious traveller, a hostel owner in Sweden may have just invented the consummate experience: sleeping in a converted 747 jumbo jet near the busy Stockholm-Arlanda airport. The seats have been removed and are being replaced by 25 guest rooms.  It's a daring idea.  See the details here.

If you're interested in learning more about plane spotting, a Toronto blog reveals all in its post entitled "Plane Spotting at Pearson Airport 101," which includes some dramatic photographs of a day spent under the big metal birds.

If you like aircraft and airlines in general, a stirring site to visit is Airliners. net for another exceptional collection of photos.

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