Surrounded by data, will we embrace virtual reality computing?

If you saw the 2002 Steven Spielberg film "Minority Report," you may have been impressed by the science fiction representation of computing.

The main character, played by Tom Cruise, navigates impressively through a complex database by moving information around in a holographic image in the air in front of him.

Well, that science fiction may soon be science fact, as the design group "NAU" is developing a domed computing system called "Cocoon" that would allow users to view images in a full 360-degree range and work with files in a holographic environment. It will be intuitive and tactile at the same time. It's better seen than described. ButteryBlend, a web site about new concepts, provides a good representation. Click on the link you just passed.

The digital revolution is taking us to places that previously we could only image, and doing so quicker than many anticipated.

Here's another example of where the technology is heading in a fascinating video demonstration of a new type of graphic user interface by Perceptive Pixel.

The future seems to be "now."

If you didn't see the movie, check out the "Minority Report" movie trailer.
More on the designer and the concept behind NAU in this story.

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