Pisa no longer leans the most, Dutch say

A Dutch church tower built in the 12th century may now have a more pronounced lean than the famous Tower of Pisa. The structure in the town of Bedum, near Groningen, leans more than 8 feet to one side, and some locals believe it should now receive official recognition.

The Italian tower was leaning further until a few years ago. But beginning in the 1990s Italian engineers intervened to shore it up, fearing Pisa's growing tilt would lead to the tower's collapse. As they strengthened the foundations, the workers pulled it a few centimetres back towards the vertical position.

You can see the Bedum tower in a video and text report on the U.K.'s Telegraph website here. (The media player needs a few seconds to load.)

For more on Pisa's tower, see "Still standing" in Zanepost from December .

Photo courtesy: Cristian Popescu
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