Everyone has a sense of style

No matter what anyone tells you, just remember you have an innate sense of style. In my opinion, style is not some elusive quality but is an inherent part of being an individual. It's subjective, and this means that style is what one makes of it. 

When it comes to clothing, combinations are as varied as DNA. If you take a walk down any major city street and observe people, you'll notice everyone wears things just a little bit differently.

People reflect their personalities in their clothing.  And in this, the elderly are not immune.  In fact, years of dressing and a strengthened sense of identity that comes from age often result in some interesting fashion choices.

Three innovative people in New York have started a blog that chronicles the way older people dress.  It's a photo diary that provides proof, as the founders say, that "personal style advances with age." Appropriately, the blog is called "Advanced Style."  

It's a fun site.   Here are some of the photos, as examples:

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for posting our site; I'm glad you liked it enough to share on your blog.

    Briana from Advanced Style