From Syracuse

I'm writing from upstate New York, on the way to New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  It's a trip my wife and I have taken for a few years at this time, not specifically to see the colours on the trees, but to see our daughter play hockey with her university team. It all combines nicely.  It's a fun drive, especially when one isn't rushed.

I hope your day is going well.   

The morning paper has an editorial decrying a new reality show intended for the youth-targeted, music channel MTV called Model Maker.  Apparently, the show was seeking young women ages 17-24 who needed to lose weight. After 12 weeks of weight loss and makeovers, one of 15 finalists would become a model and receive a cash prize.  MTV decided to cancel the concept after receiving complaints from health groups. 

The cancellation is a good thing.  USA Today points out that "the Model Maker concept was in a class apart for its potential to do damage to a vulnerable audience."  I couldn't agree more. This type of program ends up reinforcing negative stereotypes about beauty and possibly encourages anorexia nervosa, which is a common illness among teenage girls.  

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