Urban sketchers

If you enjoy sketching or viewing the drawings of others, you might be interested in a new web site that will soon highlight the work of some creative observers from around the world.

A Spanish illustrator living in Seattle, Gabi Campanario, who has a popular site of his own, Seattle Sketcher, has joined up with like-minded artists in many countries who like to draw local people and places.

A lot of these urban sketchers do their drawings in the streets, often between appointments and with little time to spare. So some of the drawings are quick and loose, but they convey a real sense of place and mood. Participating artists will be from Lisbon, New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Bologna, Stockholm and Naples, just to name a few of the cities. In short, I think these personalized glimpses will give us a sense of the street level character of some very interesting places.

If you'd like to meet some of the artists, Campanario has set up a site preview. See Urban Sketchers. It will launch November 1st.

The sketches above on this page were drawn by me, while waiting at the airport one day during the summer. This one, at a coffee shop in Toronto; also while waiting.


  1. I detect a touch of Sempé, especially in the last sketch.

  2. You are more than kind, Lucy. If only I could learn to draw as well as Sempe'.
    The difference between the last sketch and the others is that it is done in fine felt pen; the others in pencil. A felt tip gives the lines a finer simplicity that is reminiscent of some of the lines in the work of real cartoonists. For amateurs like me, pens are a little scary: no turning back, no erasing. You go with your instinct and hope for the best!