Levity in the news

The news these days is so depressing that it's hard to avoid all the negativity. Thankfully, comedians step to the forefront and do their thing.  It seems that hard times provide lots of satirical material. As a result, we all benefit.  A chuckle can really make a difference in an otherwise gray day.

Fark.com is a news aggregator web site.  While the content is sometimes bleak, what makes the site interesting are the fun headlines.   

Here are some sample from today's postings:

"How many times have you heard this one and yet it still makes you just shake your head: ' Two arrested in robbery after stopping to ask cops for directions.' "

"BBC radio presenters suspended after referring to the disabled as 'window-lickers', now wish they hadn't gone full retard."

"Why is the city of Chicago backing off its law against using cell phones while driving? If you said, 'Because an alderman was caught doing it,' you win the prize."

"Man barricaded in his home is brought into custody when Atlanta police try an experimental new tactic: Waiting for him to fall asleep."

"Dalai Lama's gall stone successfully removed. Stone will now ascend to its higher purpose."

"Academic finds evidence that Bach's wife wrote some of his music. Mostly the pieces that seem to go on and on forever without ever really getting to the point."

And then there's the Onion, a tongue-in-cheek site that seems to have a lot of money to mimic real newscasts. Check out this parody of a weather alert on television:

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